Level, Pressure, Boiler & Temperature Gauges

Level, Pressure, Boiler, and Temperature Gauges

Level gauges are a simple way to determine the level of liquid in a vessel or tank. This allows the user to have a direct view of their process without compromising the integrity of their process system. Direct reading gauges are placed at different locations or points to indicate the liquid height. More often, separately mounted gauge glasses are used to provide a continuous indication of level over a certain vertical distance on the vessel.

CMC Technologies supplies the Lumiglas range of rectangular sight glass fittings with a closed end and the full range of Quality Gauge & Valve level gauges for a variety of applications/ processes that require level indication without disrupting the process.

Lumiglas Sight Glass Fitting Rectangular with Closed End

For welding into or onto vessel wall
Complete with fully gasketed tongue-shaped glass plate and bolting

Sizes: 250 to 1000 mm long, 70 mm wide, viewing slot 18 mm
Materials: stainless, carbon steels and specials
With closed base frame for use as external liquid level indicator

Quality Gauge & Valve Armoured Liquid Level Gauges

Available in transparent or reflex glass

· Series Q10 Large Chamber Liquid Level Gauges
· Series Q20 Gauges for pressures up to 3000 PSI @ 100°F
· Series QRW20 Reflex or Transparent Weld Pad Gauges
· Series Q32 Gauges for pressures up to 4000 PSI @ 100°F

Quality Gauge & Valve Boiler Gauges

Direct Reading Steam & Water Gauges

· RB20-Boiler Gauge 300lb for 300 PSI Working Steam Pressure
· TB32-Boiler Gauge 750lb for 750 PSI Working Steam Pressure
· TB40-Boiler Gauge 2500lb for 2500 PSI Working Steam Pressure

Custom Fittings available on request