Vision in the Process

Vision in the Process

The inspection and monitoring of vessels and pipelines require the use of vision in the process equipment such as sight glasses, lights, flow indicators or sanitary fittings. Often the vessels requiring vision are naturally dark and our sight glass lights can be used to increase the visibility within the vessel.

CMC Technologies provides a complete range of vision in the process equipment suitable for industrial processes. This includes sight glasses & fittings, process lighting & camera systems, visual flow indicators, level, pressure, boiler & temperature gauges, and sanitary visual flow products.


CMC Technologies supplies a wide variety of options for the viewing of processes from circular sight glass discs in (LUMIGLAS) borosilicate (acc to DIN 7080), (LUMIGLAS) soda lime (acc to DIN 8902), quartz or sapphire glass materials, to tongue-shaped glass for rectangular sight glass fittings, to custom sizing and quartz glass. CMC Technologies supplies sight glasses for a wide range of process conditions, contact our office to discuss your process and requirements.

CMC Technologies can provide a wide variety of options for the viewing of processes using metal-fused sight glasses to replace conventional discs, threaded fittings, or clamped assemblies. CMC can cater for a wide range of process conditions, contact our office to discuss your process and requirements.

Often processes require visual inspection without disrupting the process. CMC Technologies can provide a range of sight glass fittings for conventional or metal fused sight glasses for a variety of applications.

In countless applications, many tanks, boilers, silos, mixers and other vessels require some degree of visual inspection. Often, these vessels too dark for level detection and to view important process stages. CMC Technologies can provide a range of Ex and non-ex lights that are designed with safety in mind for both hazardous and non-hazardous purposes for a variety of applications.

For live, remote process observation viewing inside a vessel, tank or reactor, the easy-mount sight glass process vessel camera from F.H. Papenmeier combines high performance video imaging capability with unparalleled durability. The process vessel camera can be used to monitor cleaning, spray patterns, mixing, foaming, reactions and level in non-hazardous areas. An operator can safely and efficiently exercise remote visual control over a process, whether the application entails one vessel or a number of vessels.

A flow meter is generally used to measure the flow rate of product through pipelines. However a visual flow indicator (VFI) is used in line to facilitate visual inspection in the piping system as well as flow indication or in other words the movement of flow. CMC Technologies can supply VFI solutions in different body and sealing materials to suit your process, as well as standard or 360 degree views. We can also provide Sterile Visual Flow Indicators from Advanced Couplings for hygienic applications.

· LJ Star VFI
· Visilume VFI


Level gauges are generally welded to the side of a vessel and used to visual inspect level. CMC Technologies can provide solutions from F.H. Papenmeier  and Quality Gauge & Valve.

· FHP Rectangular Sight Glass Fittings
· QG&V Level Gauges

· FHP Sanitary
· ACL Sanitary
· Herberts Sanitary