Process Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation

CMC Technologies provides a complete range of instrumentation suitable for industrial processes. This includes differential pressure gauges & switches, pressure gauges, back flow test kits, data loggers for temperature, humidity, voltage & current, filter/application dryers & coalescers, and on-line liquid analysers.


· CMC Technologies Pressure Gauges
· CMC Technologies Temperature Gauges

· Mid-West Instrument Back Flow Test Kits

· Eliminex Mainline Separator & Combo
· Eliminizer Mainline Separator & Combo
· Coalescers
· Oil Extractor & Combo
· Eliminator II Desiccant Dryer

· DRAD Regenerative Desiccant Systems
· Refrigerated Dryers & Compressors
· Regulators & Heavy Duty Regulators
· Lubricator & Heavy Duty Lubricators
· Food Grade, 316 Stainless Steel, High Pressure Products