T&B Electronic – ADICOS Fire Gas Detection GSME-Ex

T&B Electronic – ADICOS Fire Gas Detection GSME-Ex

Detection system for early fire detection using innovative gas sensor techniques and evaluation methods resulting in minimal false alarms.

Fire detectors GSME of the ADICOS series are fire gas detectors with advanced multiple-criteria technology for gas sensing. Smouldering and open fires are detected early. The “GSME-Ex” models can be used in areas where combustible dust leads to fire or explosion hazard (Zone 20).


  • ADICOS detectors for dust-explosive atmospheres (Zone 20)
  • Wide range of sensor configurations (all standard types are available as an explosion proofed model)
  • Selective and early registration of a large spectrum of gases of the entire fire spectrum especially for smoldering fires.
  • Insensitive to present background gases and various exhaust gases
  • Insensitive against air humidity severe dust contamination and airflow
  • Low spurious alarm rate due to multiple- criteria evaluation and integration of the knowledge basis and the experience of a variety of fire patterns in each detector
  • Standard display by three-color LED: Alarm (red), fault (yellow), operation (green)
  • Integrated Interfaces:
  1. Industrial bus system (MBus) as data and service interface and for the connection to the ADICOS BMZ30
  2. Switch contacts alarm / fault
  3. Optional Interface to central fire detection systems with individual identification (SIGMALOOP)
  • Central registration, display, protocol and storage of all data and conditions of all detectors
  • Parametering and adaption by remote maintenance
  • Update of the detector programming via service bus system
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • All components are integrated in an aluminium housing

Application Areas:

  • Early warning systems for the overall area of storage, preparation and distribution in coal dependent power plants.
  • Monitoring of warehouses and production facilities for paper, timber, flour, grain, waste, etc.
  • Control of transport space in ships, air planes, vehicles.
  • Suitable for environments contaminated by dust and humidity.