Flame Protection – Flame Arresters

KITO Armaturen – Flame Arrestors / Flame Arresters  – Made in Germany

KITO flame arresters have then been developed in accordance with the requirements of the latest regulations and standards.

A complete range of in-line deflagration and detonation flame arresters and end-of-line flame arresters with many options for reliable protection against flames in hazardous environments.

On April 18, 2016 KITO Armaturen appointed CMC Technologies as their is exclusive distributor for Australia , New Zealand and Oceania Island Nations.

Flame arrester elements (crimped ribbon types) consist of two stainless steel (or better) strips of 0,2 or 0.15 mm of thickness; the width varies depending upon the duty. In each case a smooth and a corrugated strip are wound tightly together, forming a circular element. This forms a gap between the smooth and corrugated strip with a triangular section. The width of the gap is determined by the height of the corrugation. The gap width used in a specific flame arrester is related to the MESG of the gas mixture, but not equal to it.

Special widths for gas/air or vapour mixtures with abnormal flashback characteristics can be determined with the co-operation of test-institutes like PTB, BAM or IBExU, and manufactured by ourselves. The flame arrester may also be CE marked during this verification procedure.

Amal – Flame Arrestors

Amal specialises in the design, specification and manufacture of deflagration and detonation flame arresters. These flame arresters are passive explosion protection devices with no moving parts, designed to offer reliable protection in areas where flammable gas is being transported, or a flammable liquid is being stored.

In-line Delagration and Detonation Flame Arresters

Gas and Vapour:

Detonation flame arrestor : for protection against flames with supersonic speeds in unstable detonations with high explosion pressures, including shock waves. Amal Detonation flame arrestors are suitable for unstable detonations.

Deflagration flame arrestor: for protection against flames with subsonic speeds and low explosion pressures. Available for both end-of-line and in-line applications.

Liquid: Detonation flame arrester: for use in filling and emptying lines on storage tanks.

Combination Flame Arrester/Pressure – Vacuum Relief Valve

A comprehensive range of pressure / vacuum relief valves to work in combination with AMAL flame arresters for added tank protection.

End-of-line Flame Arresters

Deflagration flame arrester: effective protection against flames with subsonic speeds for installation on storage tanks where long filling and thermal breathing is required and the flow of the flammable mixture cannot be stopped. AMAL also offers endurance burning-proof end-of-line flame arresters.