Brilex Type KER – Explosion Vent – No Outlet Flange

TYPE KER – Explosion Vent

The Brilex KER is a flat rectangular , single section design explosion vent with crossed rib (for stiffening) and edge reinforcement so no outlet flange necessary). This very accurate explosion vent is finely laser cut. The fast dynamic response makes this vent superior to flat triple section designs. The explosion vent is certified use with Kst values up to 250 bar.m/sec and 100% venting efficiency and is ideal for use on bucket elevators or non-fluctuating, pressurised applications.

Other features include:
Material: 304 SS or 316L SS
Integrated Gaskets: EPDM, White Silicone, Food Grade Silicone, Klinger C4400, Ceramic, others on request – contact us
Burst Pressures (Pstat): Standard 0.1 bar @ 20 deg C, other pressures available – contact us
Burst Tolerance: Standard +/- 10%
Vacuum Resistance: 50% of the rated burst pressure
Maximum Operating Pressure: up to 50% of the rated burst pressure
Sizes: Rectangular (229 x 229 to 1000 x 2000mm)
Insulation: Optional with Rockwool in Aluminium cover or Armaflex.
Venting Efficiency: 100%
Outlet Flange: Not required