TYPE GE – Standard

Brilex’s patented, fine laser cut, single section, domed design with pressure spike control and integrated gaskets. Suitable for general dust collector applications with high vacuum resistances from -1,000 to -5,000 mm WC for rectangular designs and up to full vacuum resistance (-10,000 mm WC)  for circular designs.

Other features include:
Material: 304 SS or 316L SS
Integrated Gaskets: EPDM, White Silicone, Food Grade Silicone, Klinger, Ceramic, others on request – contact us
Burst Pressures (Pstat): Standard 0.1 bar @ 20 deg C, other pressures available – contact us
Burst Tolerance: Standard +/- 10%
Sizes: Rectangular (229 x 229 to 1130 x 1130) (for Larger Sizes up to 1000 x 2000 see type KE), and Circular (DN 200 – DN1100), special sizing available – contact us
Insulation: Optional with Rockwool in Aluminium cover or Armaflex.
Venting Efficiency: 100% depending on Kst Value. contact us

Design Variations

Z – Design – for enhanced applications

H – Design – for Hygenic applicatioons


Brilex’s Z Option – suitable for specialised pulsing applications, cyclones and other difficult applications.


Brilex’s hygienic explosion vent with Integrated Food Grade Silicone gaskets.


Brilex’s Generator Type Explosion Vent for Very High Temperature Resistance mainly for as explosions in Engine air intake and exhaust explosion venting applications.

Engine installations require an explosion vent that withstands positive pressure cycling at elevated temperatures for a elongated periods. Additionally, the explosion pressures generated are very high so the GT vents are strengthened to ensure that the vent  does not fragment. Standard GT features are pressure spike control and integrated ceramic gaskets.