Explosion Prevention & Protection

Explosion Prevention & Protection

Dust and/or gas explosions to occur frequently in industrial processes where combustible material is transported/ pnumatically or mechanically conveyed, heated, filtered, spray dried, milled and stored. A deflagration (en explosion travelling at less than the speed of sound) can be initiated by an ignition source within a confined space with the right concentration of a dispersed dust and oxygen , resulting in a pressure shock , overpressure and a flameball/fireball. An uncotrolled deflagration if allowed to run in ductwork or pipes can change to a detonation (an explosion greater than the speed of sound) – or transfer with very high energy to adjoining enclosures causing devastating damage.

CMC Technologies provides the complete range of explosion prevention and protection equipment. This includes explosion venting, explosion suppression and isolation, flame protection – deflagration and detonation flame arresters, smouldering fire and post-explosion fire protection, static earthing clamps and systems, spark detection and extinguishing, emergency inertingexplosibility testing, and pressure shock resistant silos for fuels grinding systems.


Explosion venting allows for mitigation of an explosion otherwise, the vessel or system can be ruptured, causing the products of rapid combustion to be released uncontrollably and result in widespread damage to plant and personnel. Brilex explosion vents are reliable and cost-effective, non-reclosing bursting discs. Thorwesten Vent explosion doors are used for re-closing applications after several explosions.

· Brilex Explosion Vents
Type GE Domed Explosion Vent
Type KE Flat Explosion Vent
Type KER Flat Explosion Vent with Reinforced Edges
· Thorwesten Vent Explosion Doors
· Explosion Vent Area Calculations – Sizing

Whether the best explosion protection solution is suppression, venting or isolation, IEP Technologies offers the right products to meet your needs. Our system components undergo rigorous third-party testing to receive the approvals required by, for example, ATEX and NFPA. As each explosion protection threat is unique, we offer different types of explosion detectors, controls and suppressors to tailor the protection to each individual application.

· IEP Technologies Explosion Suppression

The secondary explosions tend to cause the most damage in an unprotected system, rather than the first explosion. This tends to be due to insufficient isolation of plant at risk. Often vessels are only protected with explosion venting, and while this may relieve some overpressure there is still a risk of further damage. Plant hardware can be further protected by the use of explosion isolation products.

· Active Explosion Isolation
IEP Technologies Isolation Valves & System Components
Rico Active Isolation Valves
· Passive Explosion Isolation
> Brilex Passive Explosion Isolation Valves & Explosion Diverter
> IEP Technologies Passive Explosion Isolation Valve
> Rico Ventex Passive Isolation Valves

KITO Armaturen specialises in the design, specification and manufacture of deflagration and detonation flame arresters. These flame arresters are passive explosion protection devices with no moving parts, designed to offer reliable protection in areas where flammable gas is being transported, or a flammable liquid is being stored. KITO Flame arresters are available for inline and end of line applications , deflagration and detonation types as well as endurance burn proof flame arresters.

· KITO Flame Arrestors


Static electricity is an ever-present and significant hazard for operations taking place in flammable, combustible or potentially explosive atmospheres. The uncontrolled build up and discharge of electrostatic must be avoided in these environments in order to prevent ignition to protect people, plant, processes and the environment. CMC Technologies via its representations with ATC and Alptec provides a range of static earthing solutions to create a safer workspace. Please contact us for more information regarding our static earthing clamps and systems.

T&B Electronic spark extinguishing systems are designed and manufactured in Germany and have been VdS-approved since 1984 . Preventing Fires and explosions is important in many industries where powders and dusts are handled. Based on T and B’s VdS-approved fire protection system , T and B design customized protection concepts for the protection of filters, silos, processing machines, pneumatic suction systems and many more production applications.

CMC Technologies distributes T and B Spark extinguishing systems in exclusively in Australia and New Zealand.

· T&B Electronic Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems

Smouldering Fire Protection – CO Monitoring – Early Warning

Carbon Monoide (CO) is produced as a main intermediate gas at an early stage of a smouldering nest – typically formed in milk powder spray driers. The ability to detect CO at an early stage allows for early action to prevent a fire or explosion in the spray drier. CO systems have been on the market for more than 15 years. CMC Technologies has now a modern system that was developed by robecco GmbH in Germany that has improved on many features that have limited the performance and reliability of CO systems to date.

The robecco CO system is the only truly continuous system on the market.


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