CMC Technologies Pty Limited (CMC) supplies industrial instrumentation to all industries. With a comprehensive and specialised international supplier base, we provide quality products at cost-effective prices.

Our solutions are in the fields of explosion prevention and protection, pressure relief, fire protection, vision in the process, flow measurement, pressure and differential pressure gauges, backflow test kits, and temperature, voltage & humidity data loggers.

CMC is the only factory authorised service and calibration centre for Mid-West Instrument DP gauges (differential pressure gauges) and backflow prevention test kits in Australia & South-East Asia. Our office in Sydney, NSW stocks various Brilex explosion vents, Mid-West differential pressure gauges and backflow test kits, ATC and ALPTEC static earthing clamps and systems, T and D data loggers, Comet Temperature and humidity transmitters and Metaglas and Lumiglas sight glass discs and luminaires.

There is a potential for dust and/or gas explosions to occur in common industrial processes. This happens when the combustible material is moved between processes, heated, filtered, sprayed, milled or conveyed. A deflagration can be triggered within a confined and unprotected process volume with a dispersed dust and results in overpressure and a flameball.

CMC Technologies provides a complete range of prevention and protection equipment suitable for industrial processes. This includes explosion venting, suppression and isolation, pressure shock resistant silos & dust collectors, flame, smouldering fire and post-explosion fire protection, static earthing, spark detection and extinguishing, emergency inerting and explosibility testing.

All pressurised systems, conforming to the appropriate National and International standards, are limited to a maximum overpressure during pressure relief. Pressure Vessel Design according to AS1210 incorporates the use of Rupture Discs and Pressure relief valves for compliance , depending on the overpressure case.

CMC Technologies provides pressure relief solutions for safe and instantaneous pressure relief for overpressure situations in a diverse range of applications and industries.

CMC Technologies provides fire protection solutions via KITO flame arresters, Robecco Smouldering fire detection (CO Detection for Spray Diers) and T and B Electronic Spark Detection and extinguishing systems, IEP Technologies post explosion fire protection systems and Yarra emergency inerting systems.

The inspection and monitoring of vessels and pipelines require the use of vision in the process equipment such as sight glasses, lights, flow indicators or sanitary fittings. Often the vessels requiring vision are naturally dark and our sight glass lights can be used to increase the visibility within the vessel.

CMC Technologies provides solutions for sight glass discs & fittings, lighting, cameras, flow indicators, and level gauges. We are also able to cater for hygienic applications with sanitary fittings, clamps and indicators.

The flow rate or totalised flow of fluids such as  liquids, gases or steam can be measured by a variety of different flow technologies depending on the medium and process conditions.

CMC Technologies provides both intrusive and non-intrusive solutions for flow measurement including coriolis mass flow meters, delta-tubes & averaging pitot tubes, electromagnetic flow meters, open channel flow meters, orifice plates, positive displacement flow meters, thermal mass flow and level switches, thermal mass flow meters, turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, variable area flow meters and vortex flow meters.

Each process within a plant is designed for optimum conditions and require the correct instrumentation to monitor these conditions in order to keep the plant running smoothly.

CMC Technologies provides solutions for differential pressure measurement, back flow prevention test kits, straight pressure measurement, data loggers & transmitters for temperature, humidity, voltage, current & more, application dryers and on-line liquid analysers.