KITO Armaturen GmbH

The brand name KITO® has been associated with flame arresters manufactured in Braunschweig, Germany for over 80 years. KITO Armaturen GmbH was originally founded from Wilke-Werke AG many years ago whom were responsible for developing the KITO® trademark and brand itself from an abbreviation for the old “Kiestopf” (or common gravel pot).
Today, there are over 50 employees in KITO’s own factory, producing flame arresters, valves and other associated special devices. Experienced agents both in Europe and world-wide are able to provide a qualified local service for their international customers.
KITO collaborates on the latest standardization and continually updates their customers by way of training and seminars, with the latest developments and ideas in safety engineering.
The size of the company enables KITO to find quick and very flexible solutions for their customers’ needs: customized special designs are part of KITO’s expertise as well as short-dated approvals for special flame arrester. The delivery times are short and reliable, and able to be adjusted to the requirements of their customers.

· Flame Arresters for Flame Protection
· Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves
· Flame Arresters for Mining Vehicles

Catalogues: (click to download)
· KITO Short Form Catalogue