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In April 2016 Brilex was integrated as part of the Hoerbiger Safety Solutions Group. CMC Technologies continues to be the exclusive distributor of Brilex for the Territories of Australia , New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia. Since 1993, Brilex has designed and manufactured reliable Explosion Vents/Panels, Sensors and Accessories – Single Section Designs with 100% venting efficiency  – Many configurations and sizes specially designed for relief from dust and gas explosions that often occur in the powder processing industries.

Research has shown that by reducing the weight on the pressure relief element, the reaction and opening time will be considerably shortened. BRILEX – a manufacturer of explosion vents, combines safety and faster opening times with all their explosion vent designs. The light and simple construction guarantees a quick and safe opening of the disc. The double folded edges allow for the placement of the fracture points in the protected flange area. This leads to close tolerances and a very strong service life.

BRILEX has 100% control of the production process with in-house laser cutting facilities. Fast delivery on special sizes is generally not a problem. BRILEX has developed various types of explosion relief devices. The latest includes a range of flameless devices – IndoorVents for venting of dust explosions inside production buildings. This device when combined with suitable explosion isolation prevents a secondary and catastrophic secondary dust explosion by quenching the flame generated by a dust explosion.

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