Analytical Systems International (Keco R&D)

Analytical Systems International Keco has provided field-proven, continuous on-line process and laboratory analyzers for refineries, chemical plants, gas processing plants and other industries world wide for over 26 years. These highly dependable and trouble-free products include H2S in liquids analyzers (water, crude, amine, diesel, gasoline & naphtha), Hydrocarbon (VOC) in Water analyzers, Oil in Water monitors, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and Total Sulfur gas analyzers. Analytical Systems also provides full support for Houston Atlas Tracor analyzers including detect cassette and H2S sensing tapes for most H2S and Total Sulfur analyzers.

On-Line Liquid Analysers
H2S in Liquids
> Hydrocarbons VOC in Water
> Oil in Water

Catalogues: (click to download)
· ASI/Keko R&D Analyzer 204 Oil Hydrocarbons in Water Catalogue
· ASI/Keko R&D K 204 ADVANTAGES cooling tower run-off water applications Catalogue
· ASI/Keko R&D 205L Lab H2S in Liquids Analyzer Catalogue
· ASI/Keko R&D Analyzer 150 Laboratory H2S Gas Catalogue
· ASI/Keko R&D HAI 856-150 Total Sulfur and H2S Gas Analyser Catalogue