F. H. Papenmeier GmbH – LUMIGLAS

F. H. Papenmeier provides Lumiglas tempered borosilicate or sodalime sight glasses/ sight glass discs and vessel lighting/ vessel cameras/ visual control/ Ex-Vehicle luminaires/ Sight glass fittings, discs and accessories. The sight glass luminaires (Non Ex) and (Ex) are manufactured to the latest European ATEX Standards. Time delay and push button switches, sight glass wipers and special itemsa are available on request.

The observation of process prodedures in pressure and vacuum vessels, tanks, reactors, filters and other plant requires efficient illumination and unobstructed view into them.B The combination of light and sightglass, developed by F.H.Papenmeier is the ideal solution for the user; the additional entry for the second sightglass fitting with separate sight and light ports is avoided.

All Lumiglas products have to undergo throrough testing under operating conditions before being certified as qualitatively fit for long-term practical use.

Lumiglas is internationally proven in all explosion, hazardous as well as non Ex hazardous applications in the chemical and allied process industries throughout the world.

You will find Lumiglas in the Pharmaceutical, Oil refining, Food and Beverage industries; in Nuclear power installations; Mining, Water treatment, Power Generation and Port Operations; the applications are endless for what is a truly Universal Product.

Sight Glass Discs & Fittings
Process Lighting & Camera Systems
Sight Flow Indicators
Level, Pressure, Temperature and Boiler Gauges
Sanitary Components