Ultraflux  is specialises in transit-time ultrasonic flow metering and measurement system. Ultraflux designs, develops, manufactures and markets its own products. For 30 years, Ultraflux has demonstrated a solid know-how.

Ultraflux has been dedicating its activities to the application of ultrasonic techniques to:
· The measurement of flow of homogeneous liquids
– in full pipes : fixed flow meter (single or dual-chord system) with clamp-on or insertion probes, portable flow meter
– in open channels (sewers, irrigation networks, and rivers)
· The measurement of flow of gas
· The identification of interfaces in multi-product pipelines
· The sphere & pig  detection in pipelines.

The principle of measurement is based on the transit-time measurement of ultrasonic waves, which allows for continuous and bidirectional metering.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters – Hazardous Areas